24,00 IVA Incl.





  • New Square.
  • Plaza Isabel La Católica.
  • Gran Vía de Colón.
  • Around Cathedral.
  • Alcaicería.

We will explore the Plaza Nueva, Plaza Isabel la Católica and Gran Vía de Colón areas, paying particular attention to the exteriors of two of the city's most emblematic Christian landmarks. Granada Cathedral, with its breathtaking façade, and unique combination of Renaissance and Baroque architectural styles, and the Royal Chapel, where lies the remains of the Catholic Kings, its astounding museum of Flemish painting, as well as its small and exotic Alcaicería markets, which hark back to the times of the bazaars and silk markets of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.

Our tour comes to a close with a spot of tapas, one of the city’s deep-rooted and best-loved traditions, in one of the many bars which can be found in the city centre. Here, you will be offered a sampling of our excellent cuisine to accompany an Alhambra beer or a glass of local wine.